Another busy day today and it is looking to be that way the rest of the week. 

So after work I came home and finished getting ready for youth tomorrow night. I just had to do more organizing and check things off my to do list. I think I’m ready. 

So I have this cat that I consider to be a part time pet. She likes to hide out at the barn. I went two weeks without seeing her once. That is because she also likes to come out at night and early morning. I’m sitting here writing my blog and there is a thump at my door. It’s her, but it takes her five minutes before deciding to come in. She loves the Christmas Tree. Yep, that’s her in my blog photo. Mistletoe is her name.

I have in 50 active minutes today and almost 15,000 steps. This weeks steps are not as high as I like. That’s what happens though when I have a lot to do. I just don’t have the energy to work out. Since I can’t find time to exercise or rather find the energy I’m trying harder on not overeating. I have just enough calories left for a bowl of cereal for snack tonight. I love unsweetened cashew milk for having only 25 calories.

That’s all today!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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