Busy day is an understatement of what today was like!

First I took kids to school and then I went to work. My boss let me go a little early because we had our youth night and I had a lot of things to set up at the church.

I had to stop at McDonald’s and pick up gift cards for tonight. Then I had to get things to the church. I like things organized and ready before people start coming in. 

I came home and before I could even think about loading the car I took a 30 minute nap.

My college girl made it in. I can’t wait till she is on Christmas break and can be home more.

I had plenty of help with my kids and my oldest ones boyfriend. They helped me pack, unpack and set up.

My best friend picked up pizza and made these deliciously, fattening cupcakes. That would be my blog photo. So I’m thankful for her too. 

So it’s late but I did tally my calories and I still have 160 left after pizza and the cupcake for the day. I knew we were having that so I had orange juice for breakfast and a very light lunch of cheese and crackers. I have almost 16,000 steps for the night. 

Now I’m going to go get ready for bed and wait for my oldest to text that she is safe at school.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless! 

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