Wow, I made it 100 days! Struggling all the way! Only 265 days to go, hopefully I can make it and have nice results too.

I learned today that Just because it’s Friday the day can still be kinda yucky. I took the kids to school, came home took a nap, and then went to a Christmas party at work. 

I really didn’t want to nap because I had so much to do. Here lately I have been more tired than usual. I know it has a lot to do with not getting outside enough. I really miss the sunshine and warm weather. So I started taking vitamin D today, hope it will help with my low energy and the blahs.

I came home after the party and started on the house. I made a big dent in straightening and cleaning but I have more to do tomorrow. I told my husband it looks like a warehouse in here. Definitely need to wrap presents!

So here is where my day goes haywire. I’m getting in the cabinet to get out a pan and the glass casserole dish falls on my foot. Talk about pain, I thought for sure I broke it. Then I’m heating up white chocolate and I stub the toes I just had the dish fall on. My chocolate burns while I’m trying to make sure I really didn’t break a toe now. I finally try again and get my pistachio, cranberry , almond bark fudge made.  Then my wifi isn’t working I reset it about 5 times and then I decide to get a hold of customer service. Come to find out after wasting about an hour it wasn’t the wifi it was just my iPad. I reset it and now it works. 

It is 10:30 now and I finished laundry and did enough cleaning to where I’m comfortable to sit down and not stress.

I did get in my steps and 44 active minutes. I have 400 calories left for the day. I had a slice of pizza at the party and I did have fudge. I also made some healthy chili for dinner. 

So that is how my 💯th day went. Let’s hope tomorrow is productive and easy without any accidents.

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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