Today has been a nice day.  I got up and straightened up the house and swept. 

I also managed to wrap all the presents except a few that my youngest helped with. So glad to have it done. Now I’m almost ready for Christmas.

Today I made two kinds of Chex mix. One sweet and one salty. I think both are good. Too much of the sweet would be bad because it has the white chocolate drizzled all over.

I know I’m supposed to be watching my calories and I am that is why I had fresh brussel sprouts for dinner. So I could have calories left to eat chex mix.

I got in my steps and 31 active minutes. So even after eating chex mix I have 250 calories left.

It has been too cold to be outside for me so my youngest and I watched a movie. It was called  “Christmas for a dollar” another great family movie.

Now all of us are going to watch God’s not dead 2. I got it for Christmas from my friend at work. Just wish my college girl was here. She has finals this week so she didn’t come home this weekend. School will be out after next week for all my kids and I’m so happy about that.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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