Happy Monday!

Today was a productive day. Went to work and then came home did laundry and straightened up a bit. 

Now I’m relaxing starring at the Christmas tree all lit up. I can’t wait till I have my house all organized again after Christmas but I’m going to miss the tree lights.

So I had 47 active minutes and I decided to get on my fit board. I managed to get a total of 90 active minutes. I also got in 20,000 steps. It has been two weeks since I had that many. Now my Fitbit is charging so the battery doesn’t die on me tomorrow. 

I ate so so again today. I am proud to say that I did have veggies for dinner. I also had a roll but I still had more good food than bad. My biggest serving  vegetable for dinner was mustard greens. Very low in calories. 

I have about 300 calories left but I’m only going to use 150 and have a cup of coffee (decaf) and a two pack of dark chocolate Milano cookies.

So that’s all for today!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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