Tuesday is almost over. I’m so glad too. Not that it’s been a bad day but I only have tomorrow and I’m off for a few days. I’m kinda excited now about going prn. I will be able to spend time with my kids before they go back. Catch up on sleep and do some deep cleaning.

After work today I went and seen my college girl. She didn’t come home this past weekend because of finals. So I guess you could say I missed her. We went out to dinner and it was a nice visit. 

I had the chicken salad sandwich and sweet potato fries. I knew I was probably going to eat with her so I kept my calories low. For breakfast I just had a half a cup of orange juice. Then for lunch I had cheese and a protein bar. 

I got in almost 15,00 steps and 45 active minutes. I totaled up my food, fitness pal didn’t have the exact restaurant but I picked the highest calories. It is better to over guess than under guess. With that I still have 200 calories left.

Looks like hot cocoa for me tonight for snack. I bought some peppermint marshmallows to go on top. 

Need to unwind and get ready for bed. I’ve been staying up too late for the time I have to get up.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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