I’m so glad I’m off tomorrow! Going to go watch my youngest at school for a little Christmas show. She has been talking about it for the last couple of weeks. So I’m excited for her and to see it.

I didn’t go to bed early last night as planned I actually ended up staying up later. Till one O’clock in the morning to be exact. I wasn’t too tired at work but I came home and crashed. 

I bought cookies for my sons party at school today. There was leftovers so he brought them home. Not good because I have ate two at 160 calories each. Next time I buy something for a party I’m going to pick up something I don’t like in case he brings any back home. Thankfully my youngest did not bring home leftovers from hers.

So I wish I could say that was all my bad eating but at work I had a small piece of cake my boss made. It was coconut with cool whip for icing. It wouldn’t have been really bad for me but it did have sweetened condensed milk on the cake itself. It was really good so it took restraint not to have another small piece. Especially when your mind is going you only had 1/2 so if you have your other 1/2 it’s just one piece lol. I did do good at lunch and dinner. So believe it or not I still have 150 calories left.

I have 15,543 steps in so far and 53 active minutes. Not sure how many more steps I will get in before bed but I should make it to 16,000. If I can just hold my weight steady till January I will be happy. There are so many parties and get togethers this time of year. There are just some things I really look forward to eating this time of year. Most which are not on the healthy side.

That’s all for today!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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