I’m glad to say I’m officially done Christmas shopping! Most of it was done online but it is so much easier than fighting the crowds.

Today my youngest and I went and picked up the last few gifts and groceries. We went and ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant to celebrate Christmas break.

I was so excited to sleep in tomorrow and then get up and clean house. Plans changed; now I’m going to go to work to fill in. I get to leave early so that helps me get home a little earlier. I will have to clean and do laundry then. I am doing a load tonight to get a head start.

Still keeping my promise to my youngest about watching Christmas shows tonight. I took a nap so that helps me be able to stay up a little later. Which in the long run is why I need naps to begin with lol. We are starting with “Nester the long eared donkey.” I loved this show when I was a child.

Not sure about calories today. I can say I didn’t go back for seconds at the buffet. 

I haven’t got in my steps because I took a nap. I am going to try to get more in before bed. I will just have to get extra steps in tomorrow. 

This evening did not go as planned and tomorrow definitely isn’t going as planned. Let’s just pray for a great day!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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