I’m trying to get back in the dieting and exercising mode. I figured out that is very hard to do when there is still holiday food in the house. Yesterday I was doing really well and then cravings came. I looked for healthy snacks but there are none. So I ate chips and dip.

I go to town Thursday, by then all the junk food should be gone. I will find healthier alternatives to chips,cookies,fudge, and cheese balls. Going to check Pinterest for ideas.

I know Saturday my husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary. I have already decided I was going to try and order something healthier than usual. 

I came home from work and fixed grilled cheese and tomato soup. I made a spinach and swiss grilled cheese for me. It was better than just a regular American one. I thought so anyway, the kids didn’t agree so they stayed with their usual.

I also came home and took a nap. So I didn’t get any extra exercise in today. I do have a little over 14,000 steps in right now and 35 active minutes. I would try to get more but I have to charge my Fitbit before bed.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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