I’m off for 8 days! I plan on doing some “spring cleaning ” in the winter. I also plan to catch up on sleep. A little over five hours isn’t enough. Not every night anyway.

I’m going to go to town tomorrow. So I’m trying to come up with some healthy and filling snacks. These last three days has been such a struggle. I have gave in to too many cravings. 

Today my son opens up his giant box of candy he got for Christmas. He was also so willing to share. I had five pieces. After I eat them then I ask the important question. “How many calories are in a piece.” The answer was 65 calories each. I consumed 325 calories in candy.

I really think being off work awhile is going to help me get in a better routine. I won’t be so tired from working and I can take time to focus on me. The last three days I have went to work then fixed dinner and cleaned. Then I’m too exhausted to care what I eat when the munchies start and too tired to exercise.

Don’t give up on me though, I will get there! 

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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