Today has been a great day! 

The girls and I went to town. First stop was the mall, I ran in and out to buy some lights that were on sale. Then we stopped at our favorite place for lunch; Chinatown. I also had a hair appointment.

Then it was time for grocery shopping. I didn’t dread it like usual because I needed to get some healthy food in the house. I even passed up the valentine Little Debbie’s for fruit and vegetables.

For dinner I made broccoli cheese soup. It is a little under 300 calories per cup. One cup is pretty filling. First time I ever made any. It was pretty good and very easy to make. Only the girls and I ate it though. The boys are picky. 

I added up all my food today and I still have 200 calories left.

I am however down on my steps. So I am hoping to get some energy in a bit and get on my Fitboard. Need to get in my 30 active minutes too.

That’s all for this evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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