So today I layered up and braved the cold and wind. My son and I journeyed up the mountain to my happy place. Did I mention it was cold.  

I am happy I went even though 8 hours later I still have yet to get warm. My son found me a orange hat and vest to wear. I can’t wait till hunting season is over. Orange is not my color. 

I felt like quitting several times because the wind was like ice. We had to stop several times. I don’t know if it was because I was that out of shape, the extra weight from all the clothes I had on or the icy wind. My throat was starting to hurt from not being able to just breathe through my nose.

I wanted so bad to reach the top of that mountain. Why?some may ask.  I will tell you what I told my son. I feel God’s presence every time I’m there. Many times I have walked up that mountain crying and praying and when I reached the top I felt peace. There is a rock I call my prayer rock. I like to sit there and pray. I had to say one today before leaving.

The amazing thing is that area was the only place my son and I was not cold, the sun came out, the wind died down and my throat stopped hurting. 

I had all my steps in when I got home plus 102 active minutes! 

Today I had only two shakeology shakes, a banana, and later I’m going to have two boiled eggs and a ounce of dark chocolate for a treat.  

Trying to eat great today because I will just be eating okay tomorrow.  My oldest is doing it with me.

I hope you have a great evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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