Today I think has been the best I have done in awhile when it comes to eating.

Breakfast I just had light grape juice with my vitamins

Lunch: Pineapple and cottage cheese with three cherries.

200 calories 

Snack: 4 olives stuffed with feta 2 servings ;with a small cucumber and 2thin slices of salami

160 calories 

Then for dinner 15o calorie penne with prego light smart sauce, mixed with 1/2 cup spinach 1/4 cup diced tomatoes/chili’s sprinkled with light parmesan cheese. With 1/4 of a serving of garlic bread.

Less than 450 calories 

If only everyday could be like today. However when I work or have to go somewhere it just doesn’t seem to work out even half that great. So I need to continue to do great when home. I need to try harder at doing good on days I work.

I notice when I work I’m more likely to eat junk that evening because I am releasing stress by eating sugar.  It helps while eating it but when I’m done I just feel worse. 

Last night I was so upset because I was number 7 on my Fitbit board with my friends. Which means six people had more steps in for the week than me. I was very discouraged with this. I’m a little competitive and I don’t ever remember being in 7th place. So I walked till Midnight till I got to 4th place and 100 active minutes.

Today I’m still in fourth but I plan to get to third before I go to bed. I do have in my 10,000 steps and 45 active minutes so far.

Hope everyone has a great evening! 

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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