What a day! I’m wore out this evening.work was downright exhausting .I came home and straightened up a little and it’s 7pm and I’m already for bed. Probably still won’t get to bed before 11 but I’m ready.

I’m supposed to work tomorrow but I’m waiting to see if we are going to get snow. We get snow I no go. That is one downfall from living up in the mountains. When it snows you are pretty much stuck. They have already called off school for tomorrow.

I usually eat bad on days I work because I grab the first thing I see and eat it. Most things that require no preparation is not a healthy choice. Today I cut up a banana, added some peanut butter on top , and just a couple nuts and one dark chocolate chip on top of that. It was very good and very filling.

I truly believe that right now I’m pretty happy with 17,000 steps and 95 active minutes I have on my Fitbit from work alone. It will have to do unless I get a second wind later. Not likely but it has happened.

Time to go do my daily devotional.

 Stay warm or cool depending on where you’re at. I am working on staying warm!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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