So this morning my husband tells me our hill is slick stay home. So I did and he called at 11:30 to make sure I did. The snow was pouring down by that time. I’m very glad I stayed home even though I’m not one for calling in at work. We didn’t really get much accumulation but it was the low freezing temperatures that made our road slick. It’s one of those things where you can see the highway but getting there is another story.

I spent the day straightening the house and doing lots of laundry. Then I took some time and did a couple of  workout videos. I’m very weak so I need to do more strength training. 

I like making treats on holidays and snow days. I made some healthy no bake cookies today and yes my kids eat them.The only ingredients I used were

 3/4 cup coconut oil

3 Tbls cocoa powder

4 Tbls peanut butter powder

4 Tbls Honey

1 1/2- 2 cups of quick oats

I made 7 at 356 calories each. You can make them smaller though which means less calories. I had one after my workout. 

Dinner I used my nonstick pan to fry a pork chop without oil. Then I fried some sweet potatoes with 1/2 cup of black beans. Did I mention I love my new skillet! Frying without guilt is the greatest. These two vegetables together makes a great substitute for mashed potatoes. For me anyway my family had mashed potatoes. I did get them all to eat some carrots though.

As of right now I have my steps in and 42 active mins. I have 500 calories left for the day!Last night right before midnight I finished with 20,000 steps and 109 active minutes!

Hope everyone has a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!!

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