So today was grocery shopping day. My list was not too long so it wasn’t bad. Plus, I have waited a week to try new flavors of the Larabar. I really like these bars. They help with cravings, are filling and taste good too! It helped they were on sale also.

I came home put groceries away then it was time to pick up my kids from school.  Town always makes me tired but I pressed on and got 88 active minutes today. I also have a little over 12,000 steps.

Now let’s talk diet. When I go to town I usually pick up fast food. No it’s not healthy and probably not the best thing for my family. I am not perfect when it comes dieting. I just do the best I can. It’s not like we eat out a lot. Just about once a week on grocery shopping day, because it’s also no cook day.

So what did I eat? I had a small fry and hamburger. Do I feel guilty? Not really! I worked out and I made good choices the rest of the day. I had lean cuisine butternut squash ravioli for dinner. Which is also a favorite of mine. Then my larabar for a snack. One treat or bad meal doesn’t have to ruin your day. I learned that the hard way. 

So that is how my exercising/diet has went today! 

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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