I’ve had a great day today!

I started by taking a nap after I took the kids to school. Then I got up and started on my to do list for today. 

I did my workout first because I thought I would try and put me before housework. I knew I also had to get my workout done because I had plans for the evening. 

So I did some lower body exercises, stretching with my foam roller, then got in some dancing to the 80’s for fun.

When I got that done I had a better outlook on the day. So cleaning was a breeze. 

 I got in 88 active minutes and a little over 12,000 steps. 

My best friend and I had an evening out. We went and had anti aging facials. It was amazing. Everyone should save up and least have one in their lifetime. I’m 42 and it’s my first one ( hopefully not last).  Here’s to looking years younger by morning lol. The place was very nice. That is where my blog photo comes in.

Then we went to eat afterwards. Didn’t want to blow my diet but wanted to enjoy our night out because we don’t get time to go out together very much.

I only had a shake, a boiled egg, and fish patty before I left today. I had 1000 calories left. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I ordered my usual chicken fajita nachos ( sauce on the side).



I left the chips on the plate with over 1/2 of my cheese sauce in the bowl. So I think I done good. I did eat a few of the chips on the table but no more than a serving if that.

According to My Fitness Pal I still have 100 calories left. 

So that’s my diet/exercise blog today!

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading I appreciate it more than you know! God Bless! 

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