It’s one yucky rainy day here. It finally warms up and it rains. I know everyday can’t be a sunshiny day but it would be nice.

Today has been a struggle. I just didn’t want to workout at all. I finally did some yoga for back pain. I had to start three different ones before could find one I could do. Getting older is hard on a body. I have no range of motion and my muscles are very tight. I didn’t give up! I may never be able to do all yoga poses or even half but I’m going to try. I really need to get some flexibility back. 

Eating hasn’t been a problem today so far. I had a shake for breakfast, banana and boiled egg for lunch, and lean cuisine for dinner. My son wanted potato soup and dumplings so I made that for dinner. I did have a bite. I had to make sure it tasted good before I fed it to my family.

As of now I barely got in my steps, but I did it! 

Hopefully tomorrow will be less of a struggle!

May you all have a great weekend! 

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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