Today was a productive day. I had a lot of cleaning and laundry to do. Thankfully it’s all finished! 

Last night I got into the chocolate frosting. So today I had to do away with it. I’m still not good with temptation in the house. 

I made a low calorie sweet treat today so I wouldn’t snack on something I would regret later. It is my blog photo.

I have made these healthy bites before but this time I saved more calories by cutting out regular peanut butter and using PB powder. The only thing else in them is honey ,quick oats and dark chocolate chips. I mixed them, rolled them and put them in the fridge for a couple hours. You can add nuts or dried fruit instead.

The rest of my diet today was a healthy shake, boiled eggs, larabar, and a lean cuisine. I also cut some calories to make up for the frosting I ate last night.

Other than walking I had no ther exercise since I have been busy cleaning. I did get in my steps and 55 active minutes. I was also pretty sore today my body needed to rest. 

So that’s my diet/exercise blog today! 

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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