So last night when I posted I only had my steps I needed in (10,000). I was watching TV and decided to get a few more steps in. Before bed I managed to get in 21,500 steps with 155 active minutes. 

This morning I felt it too. Between the rain and walking so much I got up limping. I have trouble with my ankle sometimes when I walk too much. I got up and put my tennis shoes on and danced to the eighties. I just keep on going because if I get moving around my pain subsides a lot. 

I have house shoes (tennis shoes for indoors). I should have knew better to try to get in more steps last night without wearing shoes. We don’t wear shoes in the house so when I get a lot of steps in barefoot it’s not good for my ankle. I have a pair of Asics I wear in the house that helps my feet. I have supination in my feet ,so I have a pair for supination. They really are worth the money for me. I never paid that much for shoes till a couple years ago (still got them on sale).  I really don’t want to lose being able to walk because I didn’t take care of my feet. I also invested in these sleeves for my ankles. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this except to let you know no matter how much pain I’m in I don’t give up, and take care of your feet!

So today I got in my regular steps with 50 active minutes. I would have had more but I went to town and got groceries.

My eating has been good today. We had fish for dinner. I had to fry my husbands but mine was baked. I only did one hush puppy and a Tablespoon of coleslaw. I used a salad plate so that is why my plate looks full in my blog photo. 

So that’s how I did on my diet/exercise today.

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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