Today was a work day which means a struggle when it comes to exercise!

 Usually eating is a struggle when I work also but thankfully I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup for dinner. I use beef tips (not hamburger ).I make sure I only get a few pieces of meat also so it’s a nice healthy meal. There’s just one drawback and that’s crackers. I did overdue it on the crackers. Thankfully, I didn’t ruin my diet with them but I should have used less.

I found another good snack but it’s a little expensive. Sunkist makes freeze dried fruit. The bad news I can eat a whole bag in a sitting but the good news is it was only 80 calories for the whole bag. They make a regular dried fruit but it has way more calories.

After work I came home ate dinner and napped. It turned out to be a good thing because I actually had energy afterwards and now I have a little over 21,000 steps with 80 active minutes.

I have 500 calories left for today. So I’m going to go find a healthy low calorie snack.

That’s my diet and exercise blog today!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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