Today was grocery shopping day. That means sitting down a lot while driving. You also don’t get all your steps counted when pushing a grocery cart. I try to do it one handed but once the cart gets full it’s not easy to do. I also sat down when I had to write out my lesson for youth tomorrow.Which means it was a little bit of a struggle getting my steps in. 

I did it though! I have a little over 13,000 steps with 101 active minutes. I noticed on days I have to work harder at getting my steps, I get more active minutes. That also means more calories burned.

So I have done well on calories today. I am a couple hundred short. Which is probably a good thing considering we have two birthdays in the house this week.  My youngest and my husbands. They are just a day a part. Did I mention I love cake! So I need to really make sure if I indulge it is a small piece.

I made a big pot of chili for tomorrow and the next day. So that should help having something ready after work. It is filling and not too many calories because I use lean beef. If I don’t eat too many crackers that is. 

That’s my diet/e exercise blog today!

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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