So today I went to work. Then I came home and cleaned. Trying to get the house ready for my youngest ones birthday tomorrow.

It looks good for now but can I keep it that way. I can for now because nobody is home. My husband took the kids to a ballgame and I took the opportunity to clean. So we will see what happens when they get home.

I did manage to get in some extra steps too by walking. I have 15,000 steps so far and 54 active minutes total.

I am just about ready to crash for the day! It’s been a long day but a short evening.

I have been struggling this week. I think it’s stress or some could be hormonal. Either way I have felt almost defeated. 

I weigh myself almost everyday and that’s a no no. I just want to see it move. Which it does unfortunately; up and down. 

I get very aggravated and want to just quit. Quit writing, quit dieting and quit exercising. I know it’s not the thing to do but I don’t like it when I work hard at something and feel defeated. 

I really think (and I apologize to the men reading this) the older I get the worse my PMS gets. You know it’s bad when you don’t like yourself.

I guess I’m just having one of those pity party days. They have been coming a lot closer together than usual. I really need to stay off the scale when I feel like the good year blimp. 

I’ve been doing good on dieting and burning calories but I’m not seeing the results I want yet. I try finding improvement somewhere. 

They tell you to measure yourself. I tried that. I don’t even know the exact spot I measured last time. If my reading is lower I tell myself I’m in the wrong area. I find the biggest measurement and I’m like that must be it. 

If I don’t lose soon I’m going to the DR and be like I diet and exercise and can’t lose weight. Tell me why!

My eating today was good. Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be the hard days. One birthday after another. 

Hope everyone is having a great evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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