Today I got the call at a little after six that school was closed. I looked outside to find not even a dusting in the yard. I guess they were afraid it was slick. The kids were happy no less.

My day started out with morning aches and pains. So I decided to take it easy and just do walking as my form of exercise. I tried to go outside, for the day was beautiful. I was not out long and my toes started going numb so back inside the house I went.

My eating has been good today so far. It is quite a trial in the evenings seeing my family snacking on leftover birthday cakes. I have resisted so far but not without struggling to do so. 

Healthy shakes, boiled eggs and Larabars have been my go to snacks. Sometimes they work and sometimes I’m left craving for something sinfully sweet. 

Because I took it slow and getting steps in was not easy for me today I did get in 105 active minutes. I only have a little over 12,500 steps for the day. Maybe later I can find the energy to do more.

Hope your week started off well!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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