Today when the alarm went off I did not want to get up. I was tired but I had things to do. 

So I got up and got the kids up. Took them to school and I went grocery shopping.

On the way home I stopped and treated myself to a small frappe. It is 440 calories if you’re wondering. It gave me plenty of energy for the day. So I do not regret drinking it. I haven’t had one in months.

I came home put the groceries away and went outside. God had blessed us with a beautiful spring like day. Tennessee’s weather is crazy that way. Yesterday I froze and today I was warm for a nice change.

I’ve had the best day. I love it when I can get outside.

I even finished laundry and already have dinner ready for tomorrow since I have to work.

Last night after writing my blog I ended up doing more walking and I got in 21,000 steps and 186 active minutes for the day. Almost doubled what I had.

Today I have in almost 13,000 but I’m only going for 15,000 because I want to take time out and catch up on some things.

I drank the frappe for breakfast and didn’t have anything else till way later (other than water). I drank a healthy shake and ate an ounce of cheese when I got hungry.

I’m going to have a lean cuisine for my dinner. Everyone else had leftovers. I will have calories left for a snack but I’m not sure what I want but it will be healthy. So I’m pretty pleased with myself.

How are you doing today?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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