I only worked half a day today because I had to get my kiddos from school. Tomorrow either my husband will get them or they will have to ride the bus. The sun was shining there was blue skies with little clouds on my way home. An hour later nothing but clouds and rain. I do believe our weather doesn’t know what it wants to do.

I will be under again on calories today. I hope the scale goes down this week. I like losing inches but I need to see the scale go down. It just makes dieting easier for me. 

There were leftovers so no cooking for me. I had a lean cuisine with butternut squash and vegetables. It is one of my favorites. It’s amazing how 5 pieces of ravioli is a filling in a  frozen dinner. Yet, if you were to make ravioli you would eat at least twice that amount.

I cleaned four dozen eggs today. My chickens are laying very good even if it is winter. I think I will take a couple dozen to work tomorrow. There has to be someone there who likes fresh eggs. I baked a dozen in their shell to last me the week. They are not pretty because they get brown spots from baking. Yet, they taste better than boiled because the yolk is creamier. 

While I was waiting on laundry to finish I got in some exercise time. I have a little over 17,000 steps with 101 active minutes. 50 of those minutes I got from work alone.

So I’m pretty happy with my diet/exercise today!

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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