I’m writing a few hours earlier tonight. I have plans to watch tv with my youngest later. The Charlie Brown Valentine cartoon comes on tonight. I still love watching the cartoons I grew up with. 

It was still cold today but I bundled up and went outside for a half hour. It was all I needed to make me happier. I hate staying in but I don’t like being cold either.

I was in the mood to get creative in the kitchen today. If you like cheese or cheese crackers  you need to try these.

You bake thin sliced cheese (cut in four squares) on parchment paper at 250 for 35 minutes. The cheese I used was Sargento only 45 calories a slice 

They are kid approved too!

My blog photo is frozen spinach, Pineapple, and cherries. With a touch of lite cran-grape juice and water. Before/After picture 

I even made some peanut butter cookies. I used confectioners sugar and less peanut butter. I only had one of those. They are 100 calories. They were for my husband and kids anyway. They seem to enjoy them.

I’ve just got in my steps and 95 active minutes. I plan on doing a little more later but not much. I don’t have as many of steps as usual but I have worked out harder.

So I have done pretty good today!

I have 700 calories left for dinner and a snack.

That’s how my day went. How was yours?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

5 thoughts on “Day 163  My Struggle……..

    • That’s nice but I am not a hardcore diet/exercise person. I’m a mom of three that has a lot of struggles. I started this blog as a promise to myself to do what I could in a yr. I have 21 pounds to go. If I make it I plan to turn my blog into a book. If I didn’t have middle age and arthritis and other aches and pains I would have already reached my goal. That’s why it’s a struggle! Please continue following my progress and I will keep following your journey also. Thank You again!

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      • Wow reading that really hit me hard… I can’t believe you’re still going. Takes a lot of heart to do that… but my book is perfect for you! It has alot of tips to perfect your form, so you’ll be doing exactly the same as you do now but in more comfort and seeing better results. My methods are specifically made for normal people like you that have aches and pains just like everybody else! I feel like EVERYONE should be able to have that dream body but unfortunately not everyone has the mindset 😦 I also have loads of nutritional tips as that’s 80% of getting healthy… not alot of people know that! Atleast visit my site BodyWeightBlitz.weebly.com and go to the “Free Chapter” page. Just read that and tell me what you think as it’s very informative and then only £1.99 for the rest… NO STUPID MEMBERSHIP EITHER! Plus I stick around to motivate you every step 😊

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      • Great! I really hope you like it 😊 and yeah I’ll have a little look at them tomorrow! Honestly it’s not my thing and I don’t have kids 😉 aha but I’ll keep it in mind and try help you in anyway I can 😊 good luck on hitting you goals 👊💪

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