Today the air here was a little chilly. It was beautiful to look outside and see the sun shining though. Next week we are supposed to have a warm up. I have to work on those days. It’s just the way it goes I guess. Hopefully I will get home in time to enjoy some of that nice weather.

So today I’m doing laundry. I normally do it on Fridays but I have to work tomorrow. 

I have fought taking a nap all day. I knew if I did I would not want to go to bed tonight.

The good part about not taking a nap after getting the kids to school is getting things done. I also already have 13,000 steps in with 100 active minutes and it’s only 4:30. So I think I will have no problem getting at least 15,000 before bed. I need to remember to charge my Fitbit tonight. I would hate to go to work and it be dead. Talk about a waste of steps.

We had spaghetti for dinner but I used the 150 calorie pasta with lite sauce. So it was only 267 calories total per serving. I had one serving with a slice of garlic bread. Breakfast I had a banana. Later I had a granola bar for a snack. I’m doing good on calories today. 

I’ve had another good Diet/Exercise day. I’m trying to do really good this week because I’m taking my oldest one out to eat Saturday at the Cheesecake Factory for her upcoming birthday.Maybe if I see the scale go down Saturday it will give me the strength I need to only have a sliver of cheesecake. Talk about temptation at its finest. 

Hope you have a nice evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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