Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Today was girls day. My girls and I went to town to the Cheesecake Factory. It was amazing as usual. We were celebrating my oldest ones upcoming birthday Monday.

With appetizer, lunch, bread, and dessert my calories was 1,863. This was my only meal of the day. It was very filling. I would have had much more calories but my youngest and I split a meal and cheesecake. They give you lots of food.

I came home and only had 5000 steps and far from burning up the calories I consumed. I got walking and I burned all my calories plus a couple hundred more.

I have in 20,000 steps with 150 active minutes. The meal was worth all the hard work I put in to burn the calories. Plus, we only go there about twice a year. My oldest ones birthday and school shopping.

Have a great evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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