What a wonderful three days here in Tennessee the Lord has blessed us with. I was able to get outside all three days and it felt amazing. It was much needed too. I feel better physically and mentally when I get to go outside.

I took a small walk today with my son. It was about a mile and 1/2. I could feel my sore muscles from the last two days. The difference from walking with your son instead of your daughter is you get your legs scratched from briers and wet socks and shoes. It was still fun spending time with him.

My eating has been good today. I had avocado egg salad. I used avocado instead of mayo. Then for dinner I made cauliflower mac n cheese without the mac. It was good, killed the craving and no guilt from eating it.

My hardest part today is getting my steps in. I am still 1000 steps away from my goal. Don’t worry though I have a show to watch and plan on walking in place till I reach my step goal. Or go past it just a little. I do have 80 active minutes from being outside.

I hope you had a good day!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Day 174  My Struggle……

    • Thank You! I’m trying, this spring like weather we are having has helped me a lot. There are some days that are still a struggle. I just keep on keeping on. 😊 The sandwich was really good. My youngest who is 11 even liked it. I just used one boiled egg, 1/2 a avocado, and a little mustard, salt, pepper, and paprika. Let me know if you try it 😊 thanks for commenting and God Bless!

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