I had to work today and it is a beautiful day! Thankfully it was still beautiful out when I got home. I am really liking how the days are getting longer.

When I got  home instead of warming up dinner first. I had my son take me up on the mountain on his four wheeler. I took some pictures and jogged down one mile. 

I like jogging but I’m not great at it. I only do it when it’s warm. I always start downhill because it’s easier for me. I will go to level ground when it gets summertime. 

I’m actually sitting outside on the porch as I write this. Only one problem and that is the mosquitos are already out for blood.

I have ate well today. I’m getting ready to go warm up some lean beef chili. Just have to watch how many crackers I consume.

I have in over 20,000 steps and 123 active minutes.

It’s been a great day!

Hope you had a great day too!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


3 thoughts on “Day 176  My Struggle…..

      • I KNOW…IT’S A BOTHER ISN’T IT.? The reblogging has become part of the ministry…even if my own fine works get lost in the sauce. I do have an “overflow” blog site, but it only has 50 or so followers folks like you like the poetry—when it can be found!
        I love all the different things I find in my Reader—maybe set aside certain days just for reblogging? Or else put my poetry on THE MARVELOUS MUMFORD, and keep the rebloggings here? A tough chestnut, for sure! –J.E.C.

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