What a day!

Went to work got a call from my son letting me know they were letting school out due to strong storms coming. 

I had them took care of for the most part for my inlaws were picking them up at the bus stop. However, due to seeing ditches full causing water to cross the road ;they were sure I wasn’t going to make it home if I didn’t leave work right then. 

Thankfully, I do work for understanding people and explained to them my children were upset so I left and came home.

We are safe and nothing but high winds remain. Temperatures are still dropping not sure how cold it’s supposed to get.

My diet has been good today. I figured it would since last night I went on a chocolate eating binge thanks to not being able to control my hormones. Do men ever have this problem? 

I got my steps in but not as many as I would like. This week has been a lot harder due to the weather. It won’t be much longer till warm weather. I am just so impatient. 

I’m praying for a better day tomorrow!

Hope you had a good day!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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