I get up for work to find a little bit of snow on my car. Our weather is crazy. It’s supposed to get back up in the sixties just to cool back down in the forties. Explains why everyone is getting sick.

Work was very busy today. I just knew I was going to do good on my steps. When I tried to check them my total was the same I had at lunchtime. My Fitbit died! I got it wet again. So that kinda made me mad. I’ve had a setback on steps already this week. I was really looking forward to hitting at least 20,000 steps. 

I came home grouchy and aggravated. I decided to get out my new Fitbit I’ve had since the last time my old one died. I charged it and got in 30,000 steps with 238 active minutes. I had 9,000 from my old one. Very much a struggle but I was determined. 

So tonight I plan to get sleep and planning on getting back on track with my diet tomorrow. I’ve come to far to quit because of one bad week.

I got my old one working again but I’m not sure for how long. My youngest wants it so I hope it will keep working for her.

That’s all I got today !

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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