Today I woke up to find my allergies had turned into a head cold. I took some cold medicine and laid down for another three hours. I actually got up fifteen minutes before noon.

Even though I wasn’t feeling that great I decided to push through and straighten the house and get the laundry started.

    Outside was looking beautiful and I really wanted to go to my happy place because I hadn’t been in a few days. It was a little chilly but I put on a jacket and started outside.

    I knew I didn’t have the energy to walk that far and long. I took some cold medicine and stuffed my pocket with tissues and went outside.

    I asked my son if he would drive me up on the four wheeler. He didn’t mind and he also brought my youngest up on the mountain too. It’s five minutes on a four wheeler from my house but 30-40 minute  walk. 

    When I got off the four wheeler my 13 old son informs me I have an hour to get home and I’m not allowed to go on any adventure today lol.

    It felt good to be outside and I enjoyed the walk with my daughter. We made it back before my hour was up. 

    I almost have my steps in but I will have them in before bed. My eating has been fine because I have no appetite.

    So that is my diet/exercise blog today!

    How is your weekend going?

    Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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