Today was another beautiful day. Probably the last one for a few days. They are still calling for snow this weekend. 

I wished I could say I made the most of it but I didn’t. I got outside for a little awhile just didn’t have time to do what I would have liked. 

Last night I hardly slept at all. That didn’t help me have motivation to do anything more than what I had to. Which was grocery shopping this morning after taking the kids to school. There went half the day. Then I came home put everything away and took a 30 minute nap. 

I worked on a craft for youth, I think it turned out pretty good. It didn’t work out like I had in my mind but I think the kids will enjoy making them this month. Here is a picture!

I wanted to put it in the jar but the tombs I ordered were a little too big for that.

I went outside for a little while and had to go pick my youngest up from the school. She had a field trip today so she got home later. She told me about her day and I went over her vocabulary and spelling words this evening and that’s about it.

I just got in my steps. I should have more but I forgot to push my grocery cart with one hand so my steps would count. I need to get one of those Fitbit holders that go on your ankles. 

I’ve ate once today and it wasn’t a good choice . I had a mac jr and 1/2 a small fry. Never go to town hungry and tired. I wish they would just make a mini mac the mac jr still has 460 calories. 

I still have plenty of calories left so I’m going to eat something light. Tomorrow, I will do better. I did resist buying any Easter candy. I ate a Cadbury egg the other day. Actually I think I’ve had three this week. Not in one day though. I was close to getting another one but I didn’t. I didn’t go over my calories on those days when I treated myself if that counts for anything.

That’s all for my diet/exercise blog today!

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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