Today was pretty much a regular day. Especially for a Monday. I cleaned and did laundry all day. It’s what happens when you take the weekend off and relax. I wouldn’t change a thing though.

Only difference is I have all my kids home to maneuver around. They have learned to try and stay out of dodge. If they get in eyesight they know they will be asked to help out. They are good helpers. You just have to catch them first.

I’ve ate really good today because I promised the girls I would take them to eat at a China Town tomorrow. I would take my son too but he doesn’t go to town with mom unless dad is going. 

I love having my college girl home but she’s bad for my diet. We had chips and dip last night. The chips were baked but still extra calories I didn’t need. I told her we were going to have to close the kitchen in the evenings.

Breakfast: I just had juice.

 Lunch : I had a salad with a can of tuna in water on top. (Blog Photo)

Dinner: I had chicken fried rice for dinner but a healthier version. I used Birds Eye chicken flavored rice and just scrambled three eggs in it. Calories for 1/2 a skillet was only 335 and it was very filling.

 Snacks : Larabar and cottage cheese. Not together of course. I’m way under on calories and I’m going to try and stay that way. 

Exercise today was just getting in my 12,500 steps. I had 72 active minutes from just walking.

So that’s my diet/exercise blog for today!

How did you do?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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