Today was super cold. I stayed in other than going out to feed the animals and going to church. That was enough outside time for me. The sun did shine today making it a beautiful day. Just a nice day to enjoy from inside the house. Not much longer and the sixties will be back.

I decided to up my game plan on my diet and exercise. I’m going to at least try! I made a goal chart for me. M-F I want to start working on exercises for different parts of my body. I’m still planning on getting my steps in too. Then here is the hard part, no eating past 8pm. I think if I can do this alone it would help a great deal. I’m also going to try to have all my calories,fat,sodium, etc under or right at where they need to be. I noticed my sodium is the first one usually to go red, then sugar, and last fat. 

I have all my totals green right now. Since I’m not supposed to eat anything else it will stay that way! Here is a picture of what I’m talking about.

It’s 9:16 now and I hear one of my children getting in the refrigerator now. I tried to get everyone to do this with me but I think I’m on my own lol. 

I won the Fitbit challenge with 36,000 steps last night. It just about killed me. They are on a one hour difference time zone. I stayed up till 1am just for the challenge. I had my steps in for today before I got in bed. Then I was so awake from all that exercise I couldn’t sleep. I was up till after 5 this morning. I had 256 active minutes yesterday!

I was pretty much useless today but thankfully I didn’t have a lot to get done. I have 18,000 steps in so far with 136 active minutes. I’m hoping to get in bed a lot earlier tonight. One because I need the sleep and two because I need to stay out of the kitchen.

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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