Today was another beautiful but cold day! I had to take my mother in law to the Dr today. So most of my afternoon was spent in the car.

I came home and had plenty of daylight thanks to daylight savings time. My youngest and I walked down to the church. I walked a lap then I would jog a lap. I did 20 laps altogether. Ten of each one. Then we walked up the hill to get back home.

I have in over 14,000 steps and 101 active minutes. I also have my fitness pal in the green. I barely did that! When it came to my last snack of the evening I had to adjust what I planned on eating. I wanted almonds and peanut butter. I had plenty of calories but not enough fat grams left. So I had to half each serving to make it fit in without going over.

I didn’t eat after 8 last night. It was a little of a struggle ,but I did it. I think it helps that there are others doing it with me. I really want to be able to make this a long term commitment.

How are you doing?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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