Happy Sunday Evening!

Today was a good family day. We first went to church then town. 

Eating out was probably the hardest decision. I did manage to fight my hamburger and fries craving and get the grilled chicken salad instead.

When I asked for fat free dressing the nice waitress said” honey, you don’t need fat free ” lol. I think I found my new favorite restaurant.

Everyone got pie but me. I did get a small bite of everyone’s. It probably ended up being about a 1/4 of a pie total. It was nice to be able to try different flavors.

Tonight’s snack is my blog photo. I really do like the Larabar brand. There are so many healthy bars that taste yucky. I am glad I found one I like. The Kind bars are good too.

I don’t have my steps in yet but I’m going to work on it when I get home. I think I have about 4000 to get in which will take about a half hour. 

Hope you had a great day!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless! 

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