Happy First Day of Spring! 

I’m very happy spring has arrived but I wish it was warmer out. I went outside and came right back in. It’s the perfect weather for flying a kite if you have one. 

I spent today cleaning, doing laundry and waiting for the heat and air guy. I’m not one who likes to wait on people. Especially, if they don’t show up the time they say. 

Good news he fixed our emergency heat, bad news to fix the central heat n air it will cost way more than we have to fix it right now. If we didn’t have to just buy a washer and two truck batteries maybe we could have. I just want to know why everything is deciding to fall apart at one time.

This stress makes me want to eat. I normally would have probably ate a half a bag of chips with this problem. I decided to make a stress eating treat. I made avocado chocolate pudding. It was actually good and satisfying. Here’s the recipe I used and a picture!

One Avocado 

Three Tbls Honey

Three to Four Tbls of unsweetened cocoa powder 

One Fouth cup unsweetened cashew milk

I used a regular whisk to mash and blend it all with. You can either chill it or eat it right then. I had my avocado in the fridge prior so I just ate it right then. It’s about 450 calories! I ate mine for lunch and breakfast. It has good fat so it made it filling. For dinner I just had a spinach grilled cheese sandwich.

Getting ready for my last snack of the night. Going to do 1/2 serving of almonds, 1/2 serving of PB and two of my Larabar bites. I had a pickled egg for a snack earlier. I also had one serving of jalapeño chips with my sandwich. That’s it for today’s food total.

I did some cross jacks (I think that’s what their called). I also did some high knees and squats. I have over 16,000 steps so far with 100 active minutes.

I’m happy with my diet/exercise achievements today !

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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