Today should have been the first day of spring. It was a warm beautiful day!

First thing this morning all I wanted to do was nap. Which I did! I thought I would feel better but I actually felt worse. Which is usually the case.

I felt pretty blah all day. Then I went and picked up the kids. I fixed dinner and helped my youngest with homework and decided I needed to go enjoy the rest of the day before it was gone.

The kids and I walked down to the church where I walked and jogged and they rode bikes. I jogged a mile less than 12 minutes which is great for me. Especially, since it’s just spring. Then I walked a mile that took awhile about 20 minutes lol. Then I jogged another one a few seconds faster than the first. I’m very happy with this!

I came home and had my snack now the kitchen is closed. Last night I almost made the mistake of stress eating. I wanted to get the chips out and just eat them out of the bag. Which means eating almost a whole bag. I fought that craving. Later, I was hungry so I did eat one single 40 calorie cheese slice. Then I was fine. I may ate past my allowed time but I made a better choice than I usually would.

I made beef ravioli for my family but I only had one ravioli because I wanted to satisfy my taste buds. Then I made myself a lean cuisine butter nut squash ravioli. It’s my blog photo. 

I just got my steps in because I was lazy the first half of the day. I hope to reach at least 15,000 steps. I got in 22,000 yesterday before bed.

I have to go now and start getting my craft ready for youth tomorrow. 

Hope you had a great day!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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