Happy Saturday! What a warm and beautiful day it was!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I had a great day with my youngest today. We went and watched a movie and then had lunch with some family that came in from out of town.

We got home and she went with me down to the church so I could do some jogging while she did some cartwheels.

I started jogging and my body decided it really didn’t want to. My left shin felt a little tight while jogging but it loosened up. Then I was too hot but I kept going. Every excuse to quit came to me but I kept thinking of reasons to keep going.

I ended up jogging one ,walking one and jogging another. The second jog was harder than the first. I did it though. That’s the thing with jogging there are good days and bad days. If you push yourself the bad days mean more to you because you worked harder. That’s how I feel anyway.

My eating is off today but I’m not going to eat anything else today. I had a small popcorn at the movies (no butter). Then I had a veggie personal pan but left the outside crust.

See Here lol

Every saved calorie helps.

We split a Midnight Milky Way on the way home. 

Then I had some almonds and peanut butter for snack with a couple Larabar macaroon bites.

That’s all today!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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