It’s been one of those days!

Not a bad day but not really a great day. Just your average day. Definitely a Monday!

My day consisted of cleaning and laundry. Which is something I do a little of every day but more so on Mondays and Fridays. Monday cleaning is more because I try to do less on the weekends. Then Friday I do more so do I don’t have to so much on the weekend. It’s generally a win win. Sometimes certain circumstances changes my schedule.

It was a nice day today. It waited till evening to rain. Hope it’s nice out tomorrow. It’s my jogging day. 

I got my steps in last night ,barely. I am seeing a pattern tonight. I still have many to get in. I’m going to try to though.

My eating was pretty good today. I had a cheese sandwich for lunch. Then I made fish patties for dinner. I also made these fig balls. Trying to make my own larabar treats. They were okay. Would have been better with dates but figs were cheaper lol. My son ate them. He said “they tasted like chocolate fig bars”. So they couldn’t have been too bad since he ate two. I was going for a snack that was just fillling and a little healthier. There is lots of recipes on Pinterest if you want to make some. 

Hope your week is starting off good!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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