I’m so ready for the weekend! This week has been quite a struggle.

I went and got groceries today after taking the kids to school. I didn’t even bring back fast food like I usually do. Could be because everyone was still serving breakfast but hey it worked. I did go to McDonald’s just for a large ice water. 

I have been craving a Diet Coke but I knew if I had drank one I would just want more. So I tried the Coca Cola Life. It isn’t as good as Coke Zero or diet but it helps my craving without me wanting more.

I made a green energy drink but it tasted like grass. I used a cup of  green tea , cup of spinach, and a whole pear. You can put ginger in it but I don’t like ginger so I left it out. It did help a little but I’m not impressed yet. I’m going to try it again tomorrow. 

Today was jogging day! I so did not want to jog. I walked again with my youngest first before I jogged. I told myself at least do a mile. I wanted to quit after a lap. I pushed myself to keep going and did two miles. Took me a little longer today but I’m just glad I did it. I have a little over 14,000 steps with 95 active minutes.

Last night I did a little binge eating. I felt bad afterwards but it’s hard to not struggle sometimes. Especially, when those monthly cravings hit.

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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