Today started out with a lot of rain. So after I took the kids to school I napped. I wonder why rainy days makes people feel lazy. 

I got up and started the laundry and straightened the house. So now everything is straightened and cleaned until tomorrow morning. 

I’ve done good today with my diet/exercise. I hope to see good results on the scale the end of this week. I only lost .4 pounds last week. I had a couple cheat days and I didn’t get near the steps in I usually do.

Today so far I got in over 16,000 steps and 120 active minutes. I did manage to get 20,000 last night! 

For my eating I had a protein shake for lunch, dinner I had a bowl of brussel sprouts. It sounds weird but they were good. I’ve had a balanced break from Sargento for a snack and a pear. I didn’t mention breakfast because I just had juice. Getting ready to have a snack before my cut off time. The no eating after eight has really helped. When I gave in those two nights last week I felt bloated and yucky the next day. It is good to have at least 12 hours between your last and first meal.

I guess today’s blog is a little boring. Sorry about that, not every day can be full of excitement. Which I find out a lot.

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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