Day 220  My Struggle…….

So I talked yesterday in my blog that before bed I was going to either try to get in more steps or go to bed early. Neither of those things took place. I ended up staying up way too late. That is what happens when you start a new series on Netflix. 

This evening after work I came home fixed some frozen empanadas and after eating took a short nap. I thought I would feel better but I just feel worse. I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Last night I ended up binge eating. I wasn’t even hungry.  I don’t know why working makes me want to come home and just eat. It’s like I’m trying to escape from the day. The day doesn’t have to be a bad day either for me to do this. This kinda explains why when I worked a regular schedule the scale didn’t go down very often. I believe this is what is called emotional eating. I also don’t get enough sleep either when working. I need to figure out how to gain control over myself more on work days.

I got in a little over 14,000 steps with over 80 active minutes. It sounds good but it’s from just working. I know if it was warmer out I would have spent this evening and yesterday evening outside instead of indoors eating.

I do so well dieting and exercising when I get rest, don’t have to go anywhere, no pms, weather is nice and no stress. No wonder I have such a hard time. Perfect days only exist in a perfect world which we know doesn’t exist. Like I always say , My Struggle is Real!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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