Hey everyone, how’s your day going?

Today has been a pretty good day. I mainly just had to straighten up the house a bit today. Tomorrow I will have a lot more chores to do.

I knew I was going to town today so I got in most of my steps before leaving. That worked out good because now I have 14,000 steps with over 80 active minutes.

I had I guess what you would call a cheat day. I call it being normal. I took my youngest with me to town and we went to a Burger King where I got a JR whopper and small fries. I didn’t have breakfast just a late lunch and I drank a protein shake with pistachios.

I checked my fitness pal and my calories are still in tack. So I ate what I wanted without killing any of my nutrition goals. Which is kinda strange because I tried to eat really healthy the other day and my fat and sugar totals were to high.

So I watched Dr Oz today and apparently Brazil nuts are supposed to be good for your thyroid. Only need two a day. Do you know how hard it is to find Brazil nuts? I only found them in mixed nuts. The lady also had a thyroid smoothie where you take 1/4 cup of either seeds/nuts like sunflower/pistachios and add greens and berries and it’s supposed to be good for your thyroid. I think my thyroid is sluggish so I’m going to try it. I’m using frozen spinach/berries though because it’s cheaper. 

Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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