Day 225   My Struggle………

Good Evening!

I really had a blah of a day. Which is kinda sad considering it was a beautiful day out. I woke up with a sore throat, congestion and tired. The same symptoms my son had last weekend. Apparently, he shared it with me. It only took him a couple days to recover. Let’s hope I too will be that lucky.

I have drank tea all day (unsweetened) to revive me. I still feel like I’ve been up for days. I even went outside for awhile and almost fell asleep. I am working on laundry right now. I did manage to straighten the house but I didn’t get to sweep like planned. 

I did get in my steps in. It took all day but I did it. I do not accept defeat very well. So I push myself as much as I can. I don’t like being sick and try not to stay that way. 

I’ve ate pretty good today. I’m where I need to be on my goals. I made the shake I talked about yesterday. It had over 400 calories but it was my breakfast/lunch combo. Then for dinner we had fish sandwiches and instead of fries I had cauliflower tots. They weren’t bad, didn’t really taste like tator tots but it kept me from the fries. My youngest liked them. My son and husband wouldn’t try them. 

I did have a hostess cake and unsweetened cashew milk for my snack. I’ve been craving cake for awhile so I thought I better just eat what I wanted instead of eating everything I didn’t. It was only 160 calories and I put it in my fitness pal early. That way it was already accounted for.

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