Day 231  My Struggle…….

Today, I’ve done laundry and straightened the house. I noticed I spend a lot of my time cleaning. I figure most people do. The bigger your family the more cleaning to do.

I have two days to decide to do the Zumba instructor training. I want to but I’m really nervous about not being able to move right. I don’t want to look like a fish out of water at class. I also don’t want to teach class and people not understand what moves I’m doing. 

I did some videos on YouTube today. I notice I do okay on salsa and cumbia but merengue and reggaeton is hard. They say practice makes perfect.  I guess I will find out how true that statement is.

My eating was a lot better today. Still having some problems with cravings. I didn’t eat bad today though just too much sodium and sugar. Sugar wouldn’t have been an issue if it wasn’t for the  creamer in my coffee.

I have in 100 active minutes and 14,000 steps. Maybe all this dancing will help me at least shed a couple pounds. 

Have a nice evening! 

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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