Day 233   My Struggle…….

Today was a very rainy day. One that makes you want to sleep. First we overslept this morning. Still made it to school in time so that was good. Then I came home and napped. Some of this is due to the congestion I still have. I take allergy cold medicine and then I nap. 

This evening after dinner my husband and I napped while the rain poured down. I’m thinking this is definitely going to interfere in getting sleep tonight.

I’ve done better eating today. I’m slowly trying to get back to where I was. This has been a pretty long setback. I dread getting on the scales.

I almost got in my steps. I have 48 active minutes from practicing Zumba. I will get the rest of my steps later while I watch Netflix.

Hopefully the rain this weekend will not keep us from getting outside. If it could hold off till evening time or rain in the morning that would be great.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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